Experience your full health potential    At Acupuncture Access, you can expect specialist care in well-being, fertility and pain relief. In clinic, care will be taken to really understand how to clear the blocks in energy that cause pathology. Book an Appointment
Vitalise your mind and body


Acupuncture helps improve fertility for both men & women, whether you are trying naturally or undergoing ART.

Pre and post natal care also available.


As well as improved symptoms, patients experience, more energy, better sleep, and increased mental clarity. Find out what to expect.


Sarah Joseph B A (hons), Lic. Ac., MBAcC,

Safe, gentle & effective


Acupuncture brings the body back into balance and therefore can benefits all of the body’s physiological systems.


‘I felt so well rested after treatment and really relaxed. I had the best night’s sleep after treatment I’ve had in ages. Thank you’. JP


Not tried acupuncture before? Questions about the needles, or your condition? How long will it take?

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Welcome to Acupuncture Access

As a fully qualified member of the British Acupuncture Council, I take great to care to really understand how to clear the blocks in energy that cause pain or disease. You can expect specialist care in well-being, fertility and pain relief. A growing body of scientific evidence demonstrates that acupuncture works, and I follow stringent guidelines on best practice and professional conduct.

The universality of the wisdom that underpins Five Element acupuncture is astounding. It’s simple, elegant, and profound. It understand how different emotions can knot, scatter, sink, raise, or dissolve energy, creating pathology in the body. I like to share this ancient wisdom with patients to help them understand the connection between mind and body. I maintain my own health through healthy eating, exercise, meditation and staying in harmony with nature’s rhythms.

I use a combination of acupuncture, massage, cupping, gua sha and nutritional advice.

What they say about us


I came to Sarah with a year-old ankle injury that didn’t heal properly. Sarah was kind, attentive, thorough, and in the end managed to not only heal my ankle but also balance my overall health to the point where I left her feeling lighter, calmer and much happier. I cannot recommend her highly enough! SV


“In my first session with Sarah I felt a huge weight lift from my chest, my heart felt lighter and fuller, with less restrictions. The positive effects of this on my personal and professional life have been immeasurable. As a performer I am carrying less anxiety and have been able to, more clearly and calmly, approach my profession”. RE


“I contacted Sarah two weeks ago as was one week overdue with my baby and wanted to avoid being medically induced. Sarah was incredibly responsive on email and explained how acupuncture could be used to support the start of a natural labour. I found my appointment with Sarah to be both reassuring and relaxing and Sarah incredibly personable. She both explained the acupuncture she was going to do as well as sharing a number of different acupressure points that i could use after the session. After the appointment Sarah also emailed a very helpful guide on the acupressure points. I’m very happy to say that less than 12 hours later I went into labour and had a happy, healthy baby boy the next afternoon. I would definitely visit Sarah again for other issues and would whole-heartedly recommend her to others”.  LB

Acupuncture Access
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Transformative mental and emotional health
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