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London living can be stressful. If you’ve arrived on this page it’s probably because you have a persistent health issue that hasn’t resolved through the usual channels.  Maybe you’ve had acupuncture before, and are now looking for the practitioner who can help bring out your best performance, without an over reliance on drugs, or other harmful substances.


At Acupuncture Access, you can expect specialist care in well-being, fertility and pain relief. A growing body of scientific evidence demonstrates that acupuncture works. Members of the British Acupuncture Council follow stringent guidelines on best practice and professional conduct.


In clinic, care will be taken to really understand how to clear the blocks in energy that cause pathology. The wisdom that underpins Five Element acupuncture is astounding. It’s simple, elegant, and profound. It understand how emotions or environmental factors can knot, scatter, sink, raise, or dissolve energy, creating pathology in the body. I like to share this ancient wisdom with patients to help them understand the connection between mind and body. I also offer advice on how to maintain your health at home, sharing knowledge about how to remain in balance with yourself and the environment.  



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