Below are a mix of formal testimonials and messages received from clients, quoted with their kind permission.

“… less than 1% chance with IVF…”

I was very cynical about acupuncture when I came to see Sarah about fertility.I had been trying for 4 years with one dismal failed attempt at IVF and was told by medical experts I had less than a 1 % chance with IVF again.

Within 2 months of Sarah treating me I got pregnant naturally…

Sarah is one of life’s true nurturing healers and what she has done for my body, mind and spirit I will always be grateful for. Molly D-H

“ … more aware and more balanced …”

“I have found Sarah to be a warm, caring and genuine person and an intuitive, very talented and professional therapist and healer.

This has been my first experience of acupuncture, and Sarah’s calm, patient yet thorough way of working with me through this period of my life journey, to find relief from my health issues and to achieve a balance in my life has helped me in so many ways.

She has a very complete knowledge of Five Element Acupuncture, which she shares in an informative and clear way. This also helped me, I felt, as it enabled me to work with her to focus treatment effectively on those areas where I felt physically and emotionally weak.

I would say that Sarah has helped me on all levels to feel more aware and more balanced in my life, and I would happily recommended and endorse her.” JF

“I wouldn’t give up treatment for all the money in the world, my weekly sessions with Sarah keeps me balanced and focused.” CS

“The positive effects … on my personal and professional life have been immeasurable.”

“In my first session with Sarah I felt a huge weight lift from my chest, my heart felt lighter and fuller, with less restrictions. The positive effects of this on my personal and professional life have been immeasurable. As a performer I am carrying less anxiety and have been able to, more clearly and calmly, approach my profession”. RE

“I can’t tell you how amazing treatment has made me feel. I feel like myself again for the first time in so long. Thank you!’’ FG

“… soon fell pregnant… ” 

I highly recommend Sarah as she is a kind-hearted, knowledgeable, professional and patient acupuncturist. We are ever so grateful to her as she has been an amazing support and wealth of knowledge and advice to us in the last year. I was initially looking for an acupuncturist because of fertility problems. My husband and I tried for 4 years and had several unsuccessful IVF treatments. After moving to London, I started treatments with Sarah which continued after I soon fell pregnant naturally (which was already a miracle!). I am also certain that the treatment helped my body through the early stages of the pregnancy. Besides that, Sarah was able to give me an energy and health boost, helping me to sleep better and recover from colds during later stages of the pregnancy. She gave helpful advice about my diet and preparing for labour. Even after our baby was born, Sarah was so wonderful to visit me at home.  Again, I would highly recommend Sarah for whatever issue one might have. Thank you so much. RU

“ … long lasting nature of the changes …”

“The clarity of thought I have experienced as a direct consequence of acupuncture has been fantastic and I was able to implement a whole raft of changes in my life that I would not have been able to without attending sessions with Sarah.

The long-lasting nature of the changes have been extremely rewarding and it was always a real treat to go to any session during my course of sessions.

I’m not sure I could ever do justice to the gratitude I feel to Sarah for the changes I was able to implement due to acupuncture and the ability to shed/leave behind a large number of negative aspects of my life that I had long since stopped enjoying. The new opportunities that have come around are only visible due to the immense benefits of acupuncture with Sarah.” CR

“I felt lighter than I had done in months…”

“Your session had a HUGE impact. I felt lighter than I had done for months and noticed that when I did yoga later that evening I felt no pain or discomfort in those areas that are usually tight. There were heaps of other benefits. Thank you so much.” DB

“Whatever points we did today made me so happy! I couldn’t stop smiling! Thank you!” JY

“Sarah’s facial treatment was amazing and I can already see some improvements. Her prices are so reasonable compared to other West End clinics that I booked 5 sessions. I did consider Botox, but this is a much safer alternative, and I felt so energised after the treatment. “JM

“ … better able to handle stress …”

“I contacted Sarah at a point in my life when I was feeling extremely stressed, largely through pressure of work. I was sleeping badly, I felt I was becoming increasingly short-tempered and generally felt at a low ebb.

When I met Sarah I found her calm approach reassuring. After an initial consultation Sarah, suggested a weekly one hour session of acupuncture for 5 or 6 weeks. As the weeks went by I found my optimism returning, I began to sleep better and my energy levels started to increase. In short, I felt better able to handle the stress in my life and that a weight had been lifted from me.

I still have to deal with the issues that have impacted on my work/life balance, but Sarah’s skilful use of Five Element acupuncture has undoubtedly helped me to navigate a way through a difficult period of my life, and I now feel far better able to address those issues. “ JF

“Sarah was kind, attentive, thorough …”

I came to Sarah with a year-old ankle injury that didn’t heal properly. Sarah was kind, attentive, thorough, and in the end managed to not only heal my ankle but also balance my overall health to the point where I left her feeling lighter, calmer and much happier. I cannot recommend her highly enough! SV

“… raised my energy levels …”

Sarah helped with my insomnia, raised my energy levels and generally brought me back to my old self. I was stressed due to work, travel and not looking after myself properly. Sarah listened first, treated second and cured me instantly. With such a calm and intuitive approach the treatment is always effortless and a pleasure; she has made an incredible difference. HM

“… I’ve seen positive, unexpected changes to my overall health.”

I cannot praise Sarah’s practice enough. The results of my treatment have been instantaneous and I’ve seen positive, unexpected changes to my overall health. In addition to helping with fertility issues, the acupuncture has given me greater energy, more mental strength and clarity and helped with stress related sleeping problems. KP

‘I thoroughly enjoyed all my acupuncture sessions with Sarah. I experienced immediate benefits from all her treatments…’ CR

“… The treatments definitely helped bring my body back to a more balanced state.”

I saw Sarah to seek treatment for a respiratory disease that had to be controlled with medication and which had recently worsened significantly. The treatments definitely helped bring my body back to a more normal and balanced state, I felt a lot better right after the first and every following treatment and my health improved drastically over the course of the whole 2-3 months during which I saw her. She has a vast knowledge in her field which goes beyond acupuncture and her advice on breathing technique continues to help me every day. I can very much recommend seeing her! GS

“… Seeing Sarah on a regular basis was a real life line for me, whilst trying to get pregnant.”

Seeing Sarah on a regular basis was a real life line for me whilst trying to get pregnant. My husband and I had been trying for over a year without any success and I had heard about the benefits of acupuncture as part of the body’s healing process. I met with Sarah for treatment and experienced dramatic shifts in my body temperature, overall strength, mood and diet. Most of all, I somehow learnt to breathe again and trust that my body was capable of making and growing a baby — something I had never thought would be possible. I can’t recommend her soothing touch and gentle strength enough, and hope to continue to see her with my newborn in the weeks and months to come. RW



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