What to expect

Acupuncture is a deeply relaxing treatment. Many patients report a feeling of peace that stays with them for many hours or days after acupuncture treatment. With time that feeling becomes the foundation for their life rather than an occasional experience.

What are the benefits of acupuncture over Western medicine?

As well as improvement in their symptoms, patients often report these ‘side-effects’ of acupuncture treatment:

  • substantial increase of energy
  • more restful sleep patterns
  • less cravings, habitual behaviours, and addictive tendencies
  • reduction or elimination of chronic stress
  • emotional balance, more joy and motivation
  • increased mental clarity and memory
  • improved athletic performance
  • enhanced metabolism
  • enhanced spiritual and emotional growth
Your first visit, the consultation – allow up to 1.5 hrs

Your first visit involves a consultation, physical examination and treatment. You’ll be asked about your health history and lifestyle. Please bring with you a list of medication you are taking, including supplements, and any recent test results. An individual treatment plan will be drawn up from the information you supply.

Treatment – allow up to 1 hr

At following visits, treatment will follow a feedback session. The sensation of acupuncture can feel like a dull ache, tingle or pull. The needles may be inserted into the skin and removed quickly, or left in place for a while, depending on the result intended. After treatment, people generally feel relaxed and energised, but may also feel sleepy.

Please come wearing loose fitting clothing, and be prepared at times to remove outer clothing.


This is an important diagnostic tool in acupuncture, and the pulse on both wrists will be taken several times over the course of treatment to monitor progress.

You may be given lifestyle and dietry advice. Massage is incorporated in treatment where suitable.

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